Jacob handled my difficult case with great professionalism and care. I hired him twice – first to handle my initial case and later to handle early termination of probation. We met several times and he laid out a successful and well thought out strategy. He was well prepared and very knowledgeable about the court system. He encouraged me and reassured me throughout the process and the results surpassed my expectations both times. Jacob has made a real difference in my life and I give him the highest recommendation.
Carlos C.
Jacob did an excellent job on getting my DUI case dismissed by the DA. He fought hard for me on all fronts, including the DMV hearing. Jacob was open, honest and communicated everything to me in easy to understand ways that made me feel much more in control of what previously felt like an out of control situation. His step by step process through the whole situation made things a lot more comfortable. I would highly recommend Jacob, he made me feel confident, informed, and finally vindicated in my case. It was a pleasure working with him to resolve my DUI case.
Kelly K
Orange County
Excellent negotiator was able to negotiate a lesser citation, as I was in danger of losing my drivers license for having possession of alcohol as a minor. Mr. Glucksman was very helpful with all of my questions and was very trustworthy from the very first day.
Erick P
Los Angeles
I was very pleased with Mr. Glucksman‘s assistance and his efforts to resolve my case in a timely manner. He went out of his way to contact the prosecutors office and put my case in perspective. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance. I felt he went beyond what was required to assist me to come to an acceptable resolution
Buel H.
Santa Monica
In May 2011 I was faced with a very difficult legal circumstance. I was scared and advised to seek legal counsel. Jacob was referred to me and, while he was not the first attorney I spoke with, he was easily the one I chose. Since that initial contact with him, he has been nothing less than knowledgeable, honest, and kind. Jacob has always been present and on my team in this case from beginning to end. He is tenacious and professional, while at the same time helping me feel more at ease with my future. I am extremely grateful and highly recommend his services.
Adam S.
Long Beach
Mr. Glucksman was definitely the lawyer that came to the rescue. Without him, my dream of going to medical school might have never been possible. With his help and expertise in my petty theft misdemeanor case, we managed to get it where no future employer and admissions officer would even be able to find this mistake in my life. I thank the lord for him, having given me peace of mind and the ability to be successful in my life once again and move on!! His fees were extremely reasonable for such a quality job he did. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Jeffrey T.
San Bernardino
I needed legal advice and guidance on how to handle a probate case involving a family member who went missing over 7 years ago. Jacob Glucksman was the only attorney that took the time to listen to my situation and offered to help. I never expected the superb level of service I received from his law office. I can’t put in to words the kindness he showed me and my family and the way he was there whenever I had a question or concern. Every call was answered directly or returned within the day. His professionalism and attitude are something to be admired. I am happy to give Jacob Glucksman the highest rating possible not only because the outcome was a positive one, but more so because of the overall experience of working with him. It is nice to know there are still decent, honest hardworking people in this world.
Diane K.
Congratulations on a great outcome for your client.
Janice Fukai
Alternate Public Defender of Los Angeles County
Your good work today has made our family very happy to finally put this event behind us. Through your counsel our son has grown with his experience and is eager to move on. Thank you for a job well!
Zina C.
Thank you for your generous help with our daughter. We were at a complete loss not knowing how to proceed. With your professionalism, confidence and knowledge we have been able to proceed with less stress and more hope.
Dave G.


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