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If you are facing a domestic violence accusation or a contempt action, discuss your rights and options with a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. Timing is critical in these cases. The sooner I can begin building your case, the better your chances of securing the best possible results.

In my nearly 10 years of practicing criminal law in Los Angeles, California, I have gained extensive experience handling domestic violence and contempt cases.

My law office is in Beverly Hills and I represent clients throughout West Los Angeles, Van Nuys, the Valley, downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

A Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney In Domestic Violence Cases

When the Los Angeles Police Department responds to a domestic violence call, officers are likely to make an arrest. Even if there is no evidence of physical abuse or your accuser recants, police and prosecutors do not back down. As a former prosecutor, I am well aware of this.

Urgent action may be necessary. Call me today to talk about your case and your options for free: 424-209-9229.

Whether you have been accused of assault, domestic battery, a sex offense, terroristic threats, endangerment or child abuse, you have a lot at stake. Domestic violence accusations carry harsh consequences that can affect your child custody privileges, your ability to enter your own home, your right to own a firearm, your job and more.

I am prepared to help you fight these charges, protecting your reputation and your future.

Your Advocate In Family Law Contempt Actions

If your divorce or family law case has led to a contempt action, it is important to recognize this is both a criminal and a civil problem. I have a very high success rate handling contempt cases stemming from divorce, dating relationships, domestic violence issues, cohabitation disputes and more.

I will leverage my extensive knowledge of the law, trial savvy and relationships with family law attorneys to resolve your contempt case as favorably as possible.

Whether you have been accused of failing to follow a court order or you need to force someone else to follow one, I am prepared to fight for your rights and best interests regarding:

  • Nonpayment, partial payment or late payment of child support or spousal support
  • Failure to pay attorney’s fees
  • Failure to follow a court’s order to seek work
  • Violation of a no-contact order (a restraining order)
  • Failure to pay an equalization payment resulting from a property settlement
  • Violation of a child custody or visitation order
  • Other failures or alleged failures to follow court orders

If you have been accused of contempt or need to file a contempt action, I urge you to contact me as soon as possible for a free legal consultation to start protecting your rights today.

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To learn more about how I can help you handle a domestic violence or contempt case, contact my law office as soon as possible to schedule your free case review. Your initial consultation is completely confidential and free of obligation. Call my law office today at 424-209-9229 or send an email to get started. After-hours and evening appointments are available by request.


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