Case Results

Sexual Battery Case - Downtown LA
Sexual Battery Case - Downtown LA, College student investigated for sexual battery/rape case. All charges dropped.

Domestic Violence, Assault, Child Endangerment - Downtown LA
Client charges with domestic violence, assault, and child endangerment in Downtown Los Angeles. After jury trial charges dismissed! Client able to keep her job and livlihood.

Drug Charges in Long Beach
Client charged with cocaine and methamphetamine for sale in Long Beach. After trial by jury, client found NOT GUILTY of both charges!

DUI Case in Van Nuys
Attorney as a client charged with DUI and the possibility of losing his law license. DUI dismissed and charges reduced. Van Nuys Courthouse!

3rd DUI in Van Nuys
Young Client charged with 3rd DUI in Van Nuys. Mr. Glucksman prepared and filed successful motion to strike a prior. Motion granted and client avoid lengthy and significant jail time! The People v. Peter M.

Attempted Murder in LA
Client charged with attempted murder and very serious allegations that could have meant life in prison. After trial by jury, client not convicted of anything! Downtown Los Angeles Criminal Courts Building. The People v. Shedrick L.

Domestic Violence at Airport
Client charged with domestic violence at the Airport Courthouse. Case Dismissed prior to trial! The People v. Dilcia C.